The Lore Of The Hutts And Hutt Cartel

The Lore Of The Hutts And Hutt Cartel

NalHutta, also known as the “Glorious Jewel” in Huttanese, is a once beautiful planet. The Hutts are a slug-like race who have used the planet as their adoptive world now control the planet. It is doubtful whether any other life form other than the Hutts actually considers NalHutta a piece of glorious jewelry with Swtor credits. It is often thought that the name of the currently polluted toxic bog-infested planet is rather unsuitable for it.

In ancient times the planet had lush forests and vast oceans. They were occupied and controlled by the native sentient species of ‘Evocii’ who called the planet’ Evocar.’ They had civilizations over the planet. But they did not know the extent of Hutt’s greed for wealth and power. After the arrival of the Huttanese on their planet, the Evocii tried to obtain Hutt technology. And ended up mort their entire civilization to them. Then after the Hutts planet, Varl got destroyed in a cataclysmic civil war, they moved into NalHutta and slowly took over the place. Who exactly were these Hutts? And what was the Hutt Cartel? There is more information on the mentioned below:

  • The Hutts are the most selfish and greedy, power-hungry and paranoid, ruthless, egotistical and intelligent species. And with only a few rare exceptions. They are typically manipulative and controlling beings. They have an uncontrollable and unquenchable thirst for more wealth and power always.
  • The Hutts are hermaphrodites with sets of two genders, biologically making them both male and female.
  • They have long lifespans of about 1000 years or more, allowing them to accumulate cast amounts of wealth during that time. And over several centuries, they obtain power and an influence and reputation for their behavior.
  • The Hutts are a gastronomic species that have a combination of different features from several different species. They have thick skin that is capable of protecting them from attacks from blades and corrosive chemicals. They do not tend to fall ill easily and are extremely resistant to poison.
  • Over several thousands of years, the Hutts have controlled an old and ongoing interstellar Empire that even pre-dates the Galactic Republic. And it even rivaled the Galactic Republic until their civil war from about 11,000 years ago. This Civil War compromised the influence of their military.
  • To replace their old strong military fractions, the Hutts have organized themselves in the form of the Hutt Cartel.
  • The Hutt Cartel is a loose association of gangsters and criminals, all controlled by various competing crime family mafiosos.
  • A Hutt owes their strongest loyalty to their crime clan or their kajidic. It is the criminal empire controlled by their clan. The inter-clan rivalries can sometimes become too destructive and are thus overlooked by a council of elders. This council is the only one that could revoke the membership of a Hutt from their clan. They hold the first say on power struggles.
  • The Hutts even struggle for more power among themselves like eso gold. Though they collectively believe themselves to be the best and most superior species.

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