The Four Essential Elements of Building a Successful Company

The Four Essential Elements of Building a Successful Company

Many of my clients are astonished to meet me for the first-time. They are often astonished that I have a successful real-estate investment business, and that I am 24 years old. Even better, Oasis Properties has been my business for three years. We went from having $30,000 in debt to over 7 million assets at the time of this article. My story is a great example of how not to judge a book by its covers! Despite all the advice from naysayers, my business is still thriving. My strong belief system and strong sense of integrity have helped my business achieve its success.

I believe in sharing my experiences with the world and helping others learn from them. I don’t use the term failure because failures are not mistakes one can learn from. Everybody makes mistakes. It is only how you learn from them that matters. If you’re afraid of making a mistake, it means you’re not challenging yourself enough to try new ways or methods to succeed. If you are too comfortable, it means that you aren’t moving forward towards achieving your goals. To put it another way, to succeed you must conquer your fear of failing.

If you are interested in building a successful business venture, here are the four key reasons my business became so successful in such short time. This is a common quote that summarizes my core values.

“You broadcast what you think about yourself constantly. If you don’t believe in yourself, others will pick up on your thoughts and make a mistake for them.” Napoleon Hill

Success Self-Belief + self-Confidence = Self-Belief

While believing in your product/service will be a key ingredient, having self-belief is essential for the success of your company. Your inner truth and your ‘whole’ speak louder than any dialogues or speeches you have with potential clients. So, be honest with yourself.

What is the best way to do this? Do not tell the world what your plans are for them. Instead, show them. Be prepared to keep your promises to clients and make sure you follow up on them when you make a statement or promise. Potential clients will quickly spot a fraudster and spot it immediately. Who among us wants to feel like they were duped or had? No one. No one. I am confident that no investor would trust me with their money in my field of work, which is real estate investing. I also know firsthand that my personal finances can be managed profitably.

Avoid the “Snake Oil Salesman” syndrome. Your mannerisms can turn off potential clients who may be interested in your product/service. You don’t have to be loud or ambitious if you truly believe your product/service will be of benefit to them. This will eventually turn off potential clients and cause them to walk away. Don’t speak louder than you normally would. This could be misinterpreted as being too assertive.

Your positive traits and your team’s David Barrick Brampton efforts = A winning combination

You can create winning combinations by combining your strengths with the expertise of other qualified individuals. People are happier when they do what they love and are passionate about. Happy people are more productive than those who remain in negative or unfavorable positions. A leader who surrounds himself with positive, upbeat people will be a smart leader. They will share the leader’s vision for success and enhance their own values.

Leaders, or people who are highly successful, tend to be quick and rely on their gut reaction. This ability has been developed over many years through the practice of assessing a situation and determining any changes that are necessary. Then, they use a strategy to solve the problem immediately. They are able to rely on their vision of the long-term goals to decide their course of action. They save time, money, and undue stress. Their bottom line is a testament to their determination.

Know Your Client + Research Your Product = Sales

It will pay big dividends to spend some time researching the business needs of your client before meeting with them. It will be a great way to gain their trust by researching their company, who they should contact, what their sales strategies are, and what their problem is. You will also guarantee their attention and possibly their first sale by being able to provide an immediate solution when you meet with them. You will leave a lasting impression on your client if you are able to back up your information with persistence and your product knowledge. Your client will be grateful that you took the time to research their company and they will be more open to your suggestions to solve their problem.

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