Can aSecurity Alarm System Really Help Reduce Crime?

Can aSecurity Alarm System Really Help Reduce Crime?

As a homeowner, your worst fear will be the security and safety of your family and home when you are away for vacation or for any other reason. You must have heard about many different types of security alarm systems available on the market that can either be wired or the wireless type.

You may often wonder whether such wired or wireless security monitoring in Utah will really offer you complete protection.

Burglary statistics

The situation in the US is getting worse day by day so far as home burglaries are concerned. As per the statistics in 2015, more than 1.6 million crimes were reported, the average loss is estimated to be more than $2000 in each case.

The maximum burglaries take place when people are either alone or are away from home for a longer period. Even when the resident is at home every homeowner and family member would like greater peace of mind.

Can installing a security alarm system helpdeter burglars?

It’s beimpossible to estimate the exact figure of crimes that were prevented because of the security alarm system. However, as per a study that was undertaken,where about 400 men and women were convicted for different home burglaries, 60% of them admitted that they prefer to target a home with lax security. They like easy targets.

These days various new wireless security systems have been developed and are available on the market that can be integrated with smartphones where the homeowner will get a real-time notification in case their home is burgled during their absence.

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